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Cat grass in stock daily! Wheatgrass any size Get your paws on some premium cat grass today in Calgary — order now! Spend $25, get $5 cup FREE!

Cat Grass & Wheatgrass

Spend $25, get a $5 cup FREE
*please note that our cat grass and wheatgrass are
the exact same juicer quality wheatgrass
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Wheatgrass grown with care in Calgary, AB. Fresh daily!

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Cat Grass from 100% certified organic, non-GMO seed

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Enhanced well being for pets & people using wheatgrass


Yay! Cats are finally leaving the house plants alone. So pleased to have your cat grass, and to have our house plants back! Since buying the cat grass they haven't chewed our house plants once. Yay!
Catgrass Trays
Nadine S.
Calgary, AB
If you are looking for some awesome cat grass for your fur pals this is the stuff. My cat gets so excited when she smells your cat grass in my bag as I get home, then she's obsessed with it all day. ♥
Catgrass Cup
Aisha B.
Calgary, AB
We've been juicing for almost 3 years and your wheatgrass was the sweetest tasting we've bought locally so far, absolutely superb. We'll definitely be back for more wheatgrass and will tell friends.
Catgrass Bowl
Eric W.
Airdrie, AB
Our cats don't like dollar store cat grass but they go crazy for your cat grass. Not sure what you are doing differently but thank you, we're very pleased and so are the girls. Will recommend to others.
Mona L.
Okotoks, AB

Spend $25, get a $5 cup FREE!

Questions & Answers

Wheatgrass in Calgary

Our cat grass is identical to our wheatgrass. Whether it’s for cats or humans we grow only premium organic grass from the highest quality seed money can buy — unlike most who’s “cat grass” is actually livestock seed, not for human consumption. (read the label) We love cats and cats love our grass, many customers comment that their cats  ignore dollar store cat grass but go crazy for ours. Quality matters and cats can tell the difference. ♥

We always grow both cat grass and wheatgrass to the highest standards and strictest practices to ensure everyone receives only the cleanest, most beneficial grass — and to prevent mold, pests, and pathogens.

We do not currently offer delivery service, however we will be starting delivery service in May 2020 so check back for updates. Currently the only option is pickup at our location (52 st and 16 ave NE) in Calgary.

Yes! Our wheatgrass is the finest organic, non-GMO we can produce. We buy the best seeds money can buy from the top organic suppliers then grow them to the strictest standards so that every single tray is always delicious, nutritious, and problem-free. Try some, we think you’ll be very pleased with the difference.

Although the benefits are still not yet fully known most vets and pet care experts agree that wheatgrass is highly beneficial for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other pets — and presents no safety issues.

Primary benefit for pets is happiness, and when you see your pet engaged with their fresh pet grass you will see firsthand the joy it brings them.

For humans the benefits are many but primarily it’s about well being and many people feel fresh wheatgrass juice is helpful in feeling good.

This depends on care and conditions but generally 2-3 weeks is the usual expected lifespan for cat grass. it can be as little as 1-2 weeks however under non-ideal conditions.

To prevent mold never over water. Keep grass moist but not wet by misting 1-2 times daily, that should be enough, but if you notice the soil is very dry spray a bit extra to moisten it up slightly.

Keep the soil a bit dry as the grass grows fine on moderate amounts of water and this prevents mold. Moderate temperatures, breeze, and sunlight are also recommended, and also help prevent mold.

If you follow those instructions you should never have a problem. Avoid warm, wet areas with a lack of light and/or air circulation as those are ideal conditions for mold.

Yes, wheatgrass is very transplant friendly. Gently remove the grass and place it in the new container, and you should experience no problems. Keep moist but do not water heavily for a day or two.

Yes. Cancer patients and their care givers can purchase full flats for a discounted price. We can also provide fresh cut grass by weight, or grow custom sized trays for any supply requirement you might have.

Yes. If you have a pet service or juice bar and want to sell our premium organic grass to customers we’d love to work with you. We can even sticker the cups or trays with your logo, branding, etc. Email for details.

Yes. If you know someone who will benefit from some fresh cat grass but can’t afford to purchase it we will be happy to brighten their world with some free cat grass / wheatgrass. We can’t guarantee delivery but we are happy to supply the grass. Please email to coordinate.

Yes. Please contact us well in advance of your charity event or auction with full details so we have plenty of time to plant extra and make arrangements with your team for packaging & pickup, etc. Please email details.

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